Bob McKee

b.1926-d. 1985

Bob McKee was born in Cleveland, Ohio and was a Air Corps tail gunner in World War II before getting into radio. He worked at stations in Ohio, Okalahoma, Mississippi, and Tennessee before joining WQXI AM in 1951. He joined WAKE in Atlanta in 1956 and remained there until 1961 when he moved over to WAOK where he stayed for 17 years. In the late 50's McKee operated a teen club on Ivey Street called "McKee's Beat". When he left WAOK, he co-produced "Great Moments In Rock", a syndicated radio show. He was a Dekalb Little League coach for 25 years. He was ill for approximately 18 months before dying of cancer.       

Obituary notice donated to the GRHOF by Vic Aderhold.